My hand grenades hurt so much.

She is not the best at those games, she follows the loony player archetype I guess.

See, but, being terrible at a game is one thing. But just being zany is so god damn obnoxious. Like, it’s one thing to sit down, play hard, but just suck out loud, that’s fine, the deck’ll fuck you some days.

But sitting down while essentially operating on the play method of just obstructing play is rude, and annoying, and that’s the kind of person I don’t invite back in m’damn house.

Wil Wheaton’s Table Top on Geek&Sundry on YouTube has given me the biggest grump on Felicia Day. I have no idea what she’s like in person, or as a person. She could be the sweetest person alive.

But people who intentionally act erratically to make table top games go all weird, or throw games cause they’re not going well are the worst, and just… absolutely not. No. Do not. Don’t.




Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

Man what in the FUCK

My fever came back, and Kacee is worried about it, so I am emergency breaking the fever.

I currently have liquid ice packs pressed, bare to my flesh, in either armpits and nestling against my solid snake.

Although it’s awful liquidous right now, if you see what I mean.

Adorable Sugar Glider Trevor eats orange and falls asleep

Kacee. Don’t read. Last of Us spoilers.

We cool?


So, the ending of tLoU has been bothering me since I saw it. Mostly because, I mean, c’mon. That’s a terrible ending. I mean, it’s a good ending, it’s consistent for Joel, who will say or do anything to forgive whatever terrible deeds befall his fingers, because he is actually kind of a weak guy. Like, physically, Joel is strong as fuck. Fucker is Jean Valjean. But emotionally, he’s soft as overcooked pasta, and will do anything to excuse his terrible behavior.


His deciding to kill the Fireflies to ‘rescue’ Ellie makes perfect sense in character. He’s projecting Sarah onto Ellie something fierce, and his selfishness could be written about in greek theatre.

What doesn’t make sense?

The Fireflies not anticipating that a selfish smuggler with a twenty year track record of feats of insane survival and exceptional violence could decide to do something stupid, and not make it impossible for him to possibly, y’know… do exactly what someone of his profile might be apt to do.

Especially since, the only hallway that leads to the OR is long, straight, with no nooks or crannies.

You know what you do?

Every soldier in the group standing steady with barrels down range.

Or hell, why aren’t they doing that ANYWAY!? I know the soldiers are scarce if not entirely gone in the West, but just in fucking case?

Furthermore, why didn’t Marlene have like, six guys on her with full combat regalia when she was presenting her little not-badguy speech when Joel wakes up? So that the second he starts acting a fool, he gets turned into ground fucking beef?

Like… I like the story, and the ending is good, but this glaring failure in logic on the part of Marlene and the Fireflies feels so fucking manufactured in a game that did so damn well in making sure everyone was really well characterized.

So, while I was in the store today, a little girl walked up to me, and I’m looking over produce, and this little girl pokes me in the knee. Like, some seriously tiny child. And she pokes me in the knee to get my attention, and I pull my headphones off and I look down at her, and she says, and I quote.

"Excuse me, Bigman. All of your hair is pretty."

Holy crap, kid you’re adorable.



happy 413 or whatever

i think this is the only hot yaoi on this entire blog tbh



happy 413 or whatever

i think this is the only hot yaoi on this entire blog tbh

Kacee and I were talking about the conversation I had with Kat ( xv88broadside ) last night, and how when I’m out in public on my own, there is sort of a commonality of people, predominantly women coming up and like, feeling up on my face, and how it’s invasive and grody as fuck, but it happens way too often.

And Kacee pointed out something.

When she’s with me, it never happens. I asked her, from her experience, do single women behave the way single men do with prospective mates? Like, the adage of the only way to get a guy to fuck off is tell him you’ve got a guy already, is it the same way with women, and she said in her experience, it’s kinda the opposite. Historically, the women she has always been around tend to be more aggressive toward taken men than single men.

But then it sort of occurred to us.

Kacee is 5 foot nothin’, cute as a boot, but she routinely wears Harley Davidson attire, has several visible tattoos and piercings, and 3/4ths of her head is shaven.

She kinda looks like the stereotype of the chick in a biker bar who’ll glass you.

It’s entirely possible people don’t get up on my beard when she’s around because people will think she’ll glass them.

And I know Kacee.

She would glass them.

So, I keep seeing stuff for Final Fantasy XV.

I gotta be honest.

This looks fucking terrible.

Like, this is precisely what I hate about mixing modern or sci fi with fantasy. Look at my sleek convertible as we circle strafe a dragon!!!!!11 fuck off.

Like, I dig this is some people’s bag of chips, and more power to you, I guess, but this is the definition of what I don’t like about Shadowrun, or the techno-level Final Fantasies, or really any mixture of sci-fi and fantasy.


I can’t fucking breathe right now


Feel like death.

o god dude that sounds like the worst shit in the world :||| i’m sorry man

It is pretty crap, but like, I just… kinda have to deal with it. Because for the life of me, I have not found a way to tell people to step off without getting yelled at. But thanks anyway.